Marilag Dimatulac & Michelle Tabirao

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Marilag is a tech community leader who aims to bridge the skill gap through youth empowerment. She believes that we must keep extending the opportunities for succeeding in a tech-driven society, by creating learning channels that are not only accessible but also collaborative and inclusive. As an organizer of Azure User Group Manila and Copenhagen, and as an international tech conference speaker, she acknowledges the power in equal distribution of knowledge across borders, cultures & individuals. Her deep technical knowledge in Cloud and Software Engineering, combined with her relentless passion for mentorship and effective team dynamics, drive her to tackle the tech upskilling challenge, through advocacy and community building.
Marilag is a cloud architect and the co-owner of Dewise, an enterprise development company from Denmark and The Philippines. Michelle is a digital literacy and youth upskilling advocate. She sees the inter-relationship between technology, advocacy and policy as useful components in addressing complex issues in education, and how the holistic view of these components can foster innovation and creativity. In her early career, she worked in an organization that advocates the use of open source technologies and travelled all over the Philippines to upskill the youth by organizing open-source programs. She studied BSc. in Computer Engineering and MSc. focusing on Tech and Management in Austria and Denmark as an EU Erasmus Scholar. Michelle is currently working in the product management space that develops Internet of Things (IoT) and data solution in an enterprise in Denmark.

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Community Updates

Community Updates

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Marilag Dimatulac & Michelle Tabirao Marilag Dimatulac & Michelle Tabirao