Eva Sarafianou

Senior Product Security Engineer @ Auth0 (she/her)

I work as a Senior Product Security Engineer at Auth0, an identity platform for application builders. I'm contributing to the open source community working on making the OSS software more secure. I'm a member of the Node.js Ecosystem Security Working Group under the OpenJS Foundation and a member of the Vulnerability Disclosures Working Group under the Open Source Security Foundation (OSSF). I'm passionate about building secure applications and educating developers about security threats and security best practices. Apart from Security, I love playing music - mastering the piano and learning the clarinet -, taking contemporary and ballet dance classes and being outdoors, especially close to the sea.

Past sessions:

Threat Modeling in the “Shift Security Left” era

Threat Modeling in the “Shift Security Left” era

Shifting security left in the software development lifecycle has proven to...

Eva Sarafianou Eva Sarafianou